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We know how valuable your time is, so we've made getting a quote for the exact vehicle you're looking for even easier! To request a quote:

1.) click on the link to the left and download the forms (PDF file contains an SUV, a Sedan, and a Bus quote form. For all other types of quotes, please call us directly to discuss your needs.)

2.) Fax completed form back to us at 909-820-2838.

Be sure to choose the reply option you want (phone, fax, or e-mail) and we'll send you a competitive quote within one business day. Or, if you prefer, give us a call at 909-820-2899, and discuss your needs with one of our experienced sales staff.

Prefer to finance? Our lending sources can offer customers in good standings* some of the following programs:

~ No money down to qualified applicants
~ Funding to $150,000
~ Start-up funding

~ Terms up to 60 months
~ Balloons on terms up to 48 months
~ Split payments and deferred payment programs

General credit score ratings*:
"A" Rated - terms to 60 months: No Money Down Programs Available
~ minimum credit score of 670
~ no bankruptcies in the past 7 years
~ minimum 2 years in business
~ funding up to $150,000

"B" Rated - terms to 60 months: 10 - 15% down
~ minimum credit score of 640
~ no bankruptcies in the past 7 years
~ minimum 2 years in business
~ funding from $50,000 to $100,000

"C/D" Rated - max term to 48 months: 20 - 25% down or more may be required
~ minimum credit score of 600
~ no bankruptcies in the past 7 years
~ minimum 2 years in business
~ funding amount varies

Download the credit application to the right, complete it, and then fax it back to us at 909-820-2899. Be sure to sign where indicated and please include a copy of the summary page of your last three bank statements**. We'll match you up to to the appropriate lender and submit your infomration immediately. If no other information is required, we'll have an answer back to you in about 3 business days or sooner. It's that simple!

* Not all applicants will qualify for programs listed. Availability of programs offered may vary according to creditworthiness, length of time in business, and a variety of other factors. Some financial institutions may have a stricter screening process than others which may affect the minimum requirements for credit score ratings and lending practices.

** Additional information may be required by the financial institution prior to the close of funding.

Information subject to change without notice.

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