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At Limos by Moonlight, we recognize that armoring is not a one-size-fits-all procedure! We work closely with individual customers to give them a confidential analysis prior to designing and engineering, to assess their threat level and needs. We offer a full range of protection levels, from N.I.J. level 2 through N.I.J. level 4, on stretched and unstretched chassis, that will meet or exceed the specified protection level while staying within budget.

Procedures can include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
~ Standard 9MM, .357 Mag and .45 Auto Rounds Ballistic Protection
~ Full Roof & Floor Reinforcement
~ Front Driver and Passenger Foot Area Reinforcement
~ A, B, C Pillar and Door Reinforcement
~ Rear Side Panel Reinforcement
~ Full Body and Rear Seat Back Protection
~ Cargo Shell Reinforcement (if applicable)
~ Gas Tank Reinforcement
~ Run Flat Tire Inserts
~ Custom Tinted Windows for Added Privacy

Because there are no second chances in the protection business, Limos by Moonlight is quickly becoming recognized throughout the world for commitment to excellence, innovation, and manufacturing expertise.
We do it right the first time!


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